overall championship

for 31 years consecutively

Physical Education

Sports and games have played an important role in the evolution of Nirmala College for women. Our college keeps a keen eye to spot and develop the talented sportsperson in particular sport or game. In this contemporary world of teamwork, quick decision making and effective manoeuvring, sporting activates multilayered skills to succeed in the world. In that way intercollegiate sports competitions are held to encourage maximum participation of players in sports and games .These players represent our college at university level, state level, and national level which is encouraged wholeheartedly by our college.

Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards teammates and opponents, ethical behaviour, integrity and grace in victory or defeat and it expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake.

  • To provide infrastructure facilities.
  • To arrange training programmes and coaching sessions.
  • To develop sports ability and efficiency for children and youth.
  • To conduct tournaments and sports meets.
  • To organize/arrange welfare measures - for the needy & distressed students.
  • The physical fitness training for those who are seeking employment opportunities in Army, Police, Security Forces, Fitness Trainer &Physiotherapist

Our college has provided ample guidance and support for the players by coaches. Ample facilities are provided to play all the major games under the guidance and specialized coaches for all games. The college has excellent state of the art infrastructure for sports and professional coaching in sports to players We are overwhelmed to say that our college embraced the overall championship of Bharathiar University for 31 years consecutively. Via admission, our management espouses the merit sports students and admits them in different courses of their desire with full fees concession in college as well as in hostel. Over these years our college has invested in sports considerably so that today we can be proud of not only having excellent sports facilities but also have produced sportspersons of the highest calibre.