The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was inaugurated in the month of October 2020 with the aim of developing and strengthening entrepreneurial skills of young women students to choose self – employment as a career and to foster their innovative ideas. EDC of Nirmala College bestows the students with the opportunity to take that risk and march towards glory.

EDC provides space and basic infrastructure for student community to discuss and to develop innovative proposals and to execute business plans of the aspiring entrepreneurs. Since its inception, EDC conducts programs such as industrial visits, guest lectures, workshops and hands on trainings to provide skill development to the students and to equip them to be self-employed. Moreover, the MoUs with industries and start-up communities are established to facilitate industry- institute interactions.

A basic model of business administration is set up in the form of student operated cafeteria under EDC which also undertakes Event Management initiatives. Furthermore, EDC arranges with pride 'The EDC Students Mela' where any student with the caliber and interest to run a business on their own is given a chance to execute their ideas into income generation.

Handloom saree sales are coordinated through collaboration with handloom weavers. Also, EDC is keen to organize programs to commemorate World Entrepreneurship Day, National Handloom Day and International Millet Year 2023 to create awareness among the students.

One of the Best practices of EDC is the production of Eco-Friendly Tote Bags with fabric painting by our students which are sold in the campus under the label ‘NEDC Designers’.

EDC continues to inspire and motivate students to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice and to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.