Student Support Activities

Nirmala College for Women has appointed a Counselor to guide and cater to the need of young students. Counselor advices to students’ in academic matters, vocational issues and personal relationships. She instills moral responsibilities and ethics and promotes the values of good education. The dull and depressed students are able to recognize their strengths, discover their potentials and to build their self-confidence.

Counselor :  Mrs. Thenmozhi

The College adheres to its mission statement of imparting holistic development to our students by providing individual counseling related to both personal and academic which is taken care by the counseling cell.

The counseling cell functions with great dedication serving its purpose of offering counseling sessions and student workshops on health, Media communication, Awareness on abuse of the female gender, Cyber crime, Drug abuse, Behavioral problems, Relationship issues, Higher & overseas education. The other areas of counseling are

  • Mental health & wellness
  • Anger management
  • Examination phobia
  • Handling negative emotions
  • Stress management
  • Self control

Thus the cell assists the students to achieve their academic goals and to empower themselves to reach greater heights.


  • To create awareness on the menace caused by ragging
  • To curb ragging within the campus
  • To maintain friendly relationship among the student community

Formation of the Committee : June 2007



  • Regular conduct of meetings to create awareness among the students on ragging for the seniors and freshers separately.
  • Students are informed in the general assembly not to get involved in ragging.
  • Website address, toll free complaint number and college website address are printed on the ID cards of the students.
  • The telephone numbers of the authorities and the members of the Ragging Curb Committee are displayed near the college gate and the hostel. Students’ representatives are also included along with the Committee.
  • Ragging complaint box is provided.
  • Display of board against ragging.
  • Separate Application Form created in our college website to prevent ragging.


Causing, inducing, compelling or forcing a student, to do any act which detracts from human dignity or violates her person or exposes her to ridicule from doing any lawful act or by holding out to her any threat of intimidation is an offence under ragging.

Ragging in all its forms is totally banned in our institution including in its departments. The institution shall take strict action against those found guilty of ragging and / or of abetting ragging and the burden of proof shall hereby lie on the perpetrator of alleged ragging and not on the victim. An offence of Ragging may be charged either on a written complaint by the affected or on independent finding of the ragging curb squad.

The Institution is bound by the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions 2009.

Our College has an ragging curb committee which governs the prevention of any means of ragging.

There have been no incidents of ragging at our Campus till date.


Rev.(Sr.)Dr. Ruby Alangara Mary, Secretary 9444884339
Rev.(Sr.)Dr.Pauline Mary Helen, Principal 9486237572
Tahsildhar North 9445000571
Assistant Commissioner of  Police Central Law & Order Coimbatore 9498177759
Inspector of Police –Law & Order 9443301444
Sub Inspector of Police 9498177734
Inspector of AWPS (All Women Police Station), Gandhipuram 9498167980
Dr. Mercy Anandaraj Dean of student affairs
Dr. (Sr.) S. Emelda Mary Hostel Warden
Mrs. A. Ann Usha Mangalam Assistant Professor & HOD of Computer Science 9788350282
Dr. P. Maheshwari Assistant Professor of Tamil
Dr. M. S. Jacintha GraceAssistant Professor &HOD of Tamil(SF)
Dr. B. Anitha Assistant Professor of English
Mrs. T. Mohana Devi Lab Assistant
8870372269 ,


Coimbatore City Police  Helpline : 9498181212/9498101165/9498181213Website :


  • Grievance & Redressal Cell is formed to identity the grivences, faced by our college students and to take necessary redressal steps to rectify them if necessary.
  • The cell comprises of the Principal, Vice Principal, Dean of student affairs, 3 senior staff members, College Union President & Vice President.
  • A Grievance & Redressal box is kept at two prime places in the campus.
  • The box will be opened atleast 3 times a semester by the Dean of students affairs in the presence of the college Union President and the Vice President. The grievances will be addressed as per the direction of the Principal & Vice Principal.
  • No grievances were encountered by the students during the academic year 2018-2019.
  • Government Scholarships
  • UGC Moulana Azad Scholarship
  • Single Child Scholarship
  • ADW Scholarship
  • Minority Scholarship
  • 11th Plan Merged Scheme
  • Farmers Scholarship
  • Additional Assistance Fund
  • Students Equipment Fund
  • Dr. V. Rajamanickam Memorial Prize
  • Prabanjam Prize
  • Padmavathi Prabhu Memorial Prize
  • Dr. Sr. Phiominammal Endowment Prize
  • Rayappan Kamala Mary Endowment Prize
  • Mrs. Sheela Williams Memorial Prize
  • Our Lady of Health Prize
  • Bee Gee Sennimalai Gounder Memorial Prize
  • Dr. Sunanda Shet Memorial Prize
  • Dr. Sr. Grace Elizabeth Endowment Scholarship
  • Chidambara Thevar Memorial Scholarship
  • Mrs. Susheela Jerome Endowment Prize
  • Mrs. Marsla Anandaraj Memorial Prize
  • Mrs. V. Sharadhambal Bhuminathan Memorial Prize
  • Dr. AmirthaJothi Endowment Prize
  • Bhama Memorial Scholarship
  • Janaki-Raman Nair Memorial Prize
  • Miss. T. Indira Endowment Prize
  • Mrs. Sukumari Endowment Prize
  • I. Arockiaswamy and Arputhamary Memorial Prize
  • Sri. R. K. Shanmugham Chettiar and Sri Vellingiri Gounder Endowment Prize
  • Sarathi Prize
  • Mrs. Rose Kuria Kose Thottan Memorial Prize
  • Smt. Vedhavalli-Narasimhachari Memorial Prize
  • Radhamani Subramanian Memorial Prize
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan Memorial Prize
  • Dr. Abdul Kalam Prize
  • Tmt. Jagadambal Ramaswamy Memorial Prize
  • D.S.V. Memorial Prize
  • Thiru. A.V. Ramasamy
  • Silver Jubilee Scholarship
  • Retired Staff Endowment Scholarship
  • Star Student Prize
  • Sir. C.V. Raman Memorial Scholarship
  • Mrs. T.N. Sundaram Endowment Prize
  • Selvi. A.R. Neelavani Memorial Prize
  • Dr. S.G. Sarojini Endowment Prize
  • Mr. Jegannathan Memorial Prize
  • Rev.Fr. Carmel Irudhayam Memorial Prize
  • Mr. V.R. Arul Raj Memorial Prize
  • Rev. Sr. Edwin Memorial Prize
  • Ansuya Memorial Prize
  • K.T. Chariar Memorial Prize
  • Shanthi Social Service Scholarship
  • Smt. Lakshmi Memorial Prize
  • Rev. Sr. Josephine Endowment Prize
  • Ms. Latha Arunachalam Prize
  • Mrs. Maria Baptista Memorial Prize
  • Ess Ess Computer Scholarship
  • Mrs. Maria Baptista Memorial Scholarship
  • Seon'08 Endowment Fund
  • Thiru. A. Loorthu Vaidhiar Memorial Prize
  • Mrs.Jayalakshmi Memorial Prize
  • Mrs. R. Bhagayam Memorial Prize
  • Thirumathi Lakshiammal and Thiru Natesa Gounder Memorial Scholarship
  • Sampoornam Charities Educational Endowment Prize
  • Dr. Agnes Santiago Memorial Prize
  • Thiru C.S. Arumugam Endowment Benefit Fund Prize
  • Rev. Sr. Edwin Memorial Fund
  • Mrs. R. Bagyam and Mrs. Saradha Bai Endowment Prize
  • Mathura Rose Endowment Benefit Fund
  • Samy Hardwares Scholarship
  • Smt. Valliathal Endowment Fund
  • Ms. Mirunalini Endowment Prize
  • A.D. Abraham & Irudaya Mary Theresa Memorial Prize
  • Students with sports proficiency are given free accommodation and nutritious food
  • Their tuition fees and examination fees are fully taken care of
  • Necessary arrangements are made for the funds required by the sports students
  • Free coaching given for better sports proficiency
  • Arrangements are made for them to take internal assessment tests when they are participating in camps, coaches or matches

Freeships are provided to the needy students by the Management

  • Free Medical Check-up for all the new entrants
  • Blood Grouping and Sampling
  • Awareness Programme - on Health and Medical Issues
  • Insurance to all students accident coverage of Rs.100000 through National Insurance Co. Ltd.



  • To adopt an innovative method in the teaching-learning - evaluation process
  • To create academic flexibility
  • To enhance and promote research


E-learning has a great potential to personalize learning and where they are falling behind. The introduction of multi media will not only add to the skills, knowledge and personality development of the faculty and the students but make them more employable. Digitization of course will be respected and adjusted for diversity. It also provides accessibility to international research and to capture core ideas from publications. Our priorities are India Skill, India Digital, Swatch Bharat, India Startup and Smart City Initiatives.

Evidence of Success

SWAYAM DTH channel has been installed in the campus. All the students and faculty have registered under the SWAYAM portal, the National Digital Library and the National Research Council have begun under the National Academic Depository Spoken Tutorial from the 2017-18 year onwards, 961 students took up the examination and 646 were awarded certificates. Enrollment of students under SWAYAM will begin from the academic year 2018-19.


  • To declare the results within 15 days of the last exam.
  • To conduct supplementary exams within 10 days of the results.
  • To permit students to progress to the next level of education or employment.


Students with arrears would have to wait until the end of the next week to take their exams. With the existing papers in the future and the arrears of previous semesters, it would make it more difficult for students to pursue their goal. This facility gives them an opportunity to work on their failures within a short span of time, keeping them in pace with the rest of the students.

Evidence of success

Students can pursue their higher education without delay. Students can keep pace with the rest of their classmates. Gives them an opportunity to sit for placement.


  • To promote quality research in higher education.
  • To extend research findings to society and society.
  • To motivate students to apply for funding for quality research.
  • To promote multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • To attract academically brilliant students.
  • To initiate Industry / Institutional tie up.


Innovative technologies help to explore new avenues and offers solutions to a large number of problems in society and the industry. Advancements in every field involve mushrooming problems with innovative solutions. There is an increasing need for research to provide innovative solutions for new cropping up. Development index of the country largely depends on the research activities carried out.


Intake of Research Oriented Faculty of Science in the Institution. Conducting a lot of seminars and conferences where the faculty and students get exposed to eminent resource persons. Institution provides a conducive environment, non-interfering, healthy and adequate physical infrastructure, library and laboratory facilities to carry out research. The staff are motivated to carry out research projects. Research supervisors in the institution are highly motivated to promote quality research activities. As a NAAC initiative post, Nirmala Annual Research Congress (NARC) is held every year since 2013. UGC Sponsored inter-disciplinary innovative PG program in Bio-Informatics has been started.With the meagre resources already available, a centralized research lab has been set up. 

Evidence of success

Funding from various funding agencies has increased ten-fold from six lakhs to sixty five lakhs.

Despite late initiation of the self-financed PG programs in Science subjects, minor and major projects have been procured. Staff members at various conferences in international conferences held abroad. 168 Papers have been published in National / International peer reviewed journals. 

Faced Problems

More funds are required for expensive chemicals, repair and maintenance of equipment. Faculty members are not able to devote their time to their academic and administrative commitments.