Department of Tamil


  • To appreciate the cherish the rich heritage of Tamil Culture and tradition
  • Improve the standard of the language
  • Better understanding of the moral values, which are taught in most of the Tamil epics.
  • Providing more opportunities to improve the talents and creativity by conducting various competitions like oratorical, Essay writing and poem composing.
  • The department conducted a series of co – curricular and extra activities that gave the students an opportunity to express their talents.
  • The students are encouraged through group discussions, quiz and presenting important essays of prescribed texts – Novel, prose, drama & Short Stories in the seminars conducted in the classes.
  • To serve for the betterment of the society.


  • Motivate the students to write poem relevant to the Modern Literature
  • Improve the self – Confidence of students
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Teach about the importance of the National Integrity.
  • Communal values are introduced
  • Develop the personality of the students.
  • Developing the communication skills
  • Helping the students to become a reporter and also good speakers.
  • Teach the students "The Art of Living".
  • To develop self-confidence in women, to face the society and to empower women in all aspects.

About the Department

  • The department takes prides in conducting various extra – curricular activities under the banner of Tamil Association.
  • The Department has been honoured with the title of "Tamil Valar Tendral" by Thiruvalluvar Manava Sangam, Chennai.
  • The Department encourages and patronizes all kinds of indigenous forms of art, dramatics, music, oration and creative writing.
  • The Department arranges many seminars, workshops, symposium, certificate course, Intercollegiate competition & guest Lectures.

Highlights of the Department

  • M.Phil & Ph.D Research courses offered for Men & Women, Full time & Part time - 2016 onwards
  • Faculty received Three minor projects(instead of second point from highlight, add this point)
  • Department Publication : Iyalpu, Urainadai Thokuppu, Ilakkiyam + Kalai = Valviyal
  • Department of Tamil has formed a Literary Association group "Vaasi Athai Neesi" during the academics year 2016 onwards. To teach the students about art of Book Reading through guest lecturer on every Wednesday of the month.
  • Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli & Dr. Sr. B. Regina attended International Conference in Singapore.
  • Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli was External examiner in Ph.D viva voce.
  • National Seminars & Workshops are also organized in collaboration with other Institutes.
  • Faculty received Two Minor Projects.
  • Our Department published a book called Urainadai Thoguppu in which our staff members wrote articles. That book was used as syllabus for I year students in Periyar University, Selam for the year 2011 – 2012, 2012 – 2013, 2013 – 2014
  • Last five years Faculty & Department Published twenty Books.
  • Faculty published National & International Journals - Fourteen Articles.
  • Faculty attended one seventy five papers in National & International Seminars.
  • Staff member of Dept. of Languages (S.F.), Madras Christian College visited our Department to have an idea about "Planning and Development".
  • Awards & Books by Faculty as well as by the Department.
  • Our Staff member play an important role in designing Curriculum for other colleges as "Board of Studies" members.
  • Dr.Sr.A.Arul Seeli, H.O.D., Dept. of Tamil was invited to Dharmaurathi Rao Bahadur Calava Cunnan Chetty's Hindu College, Chennai as IQAC Academic Audit Member & NGM College of Arts & Science, Pollachi as Board Audit Member.
  • Staff members are invited in Doctoral Committee meetings as University Representatives.
  • In various colleges our Staff member has served as Chair Persons.
  • The Department Publishing the Department magazine "Nirmala Nanthavanam" & "Tamil Theen"
  • Book Publication by the Students.
  • Intercollegiate Competitions organized in collaboration with other Institutes.
  • Students' participation in Intercollegiate Competitions.
  • Students' participation in Television & Radio Programmes.


  • To form a Centre, which will promote Folklore & Gandhian - Thoughts.
  • To introduce under graduate and post graduate courses.
  • To organize a Programme involving Transgender.
  • To invite all the famous National writers.
  • To have to training programme for the students for how to read the books.

Seminars & Conference - Organized

S.No Date Type Level Topic
1 10.03.2006 Seminar State Tamil Ilakkiyankalil Manitha Urimaikal
2 12.01.2009 Symposium National (UGC) Research
3 13.03.2009 Workshop State Art of Speech
4 28.08.2009 Workshop State Creative Art
5 27.09.2010 Workshop National
(CIIL, Mysore)
Teaching & Learning Through Multimedia
6 06.01.2011 to 08.01.2011 Seminar National (CICT, Chennai) Sangakala Magalirin Valviyal Marabukal
7 19.02.2013 Workshop State Drama
8 07.01.2014 to 09.01.2014 Seminar National (CICT, Chennai) Pathinen Kilkanakku Noolkalil Sulaliyal Vilippunarvu
9 27.02.2014 to 01.03.2014 Workshop National
(CIIL, Mysore)
A Workshop For Effective Teaching In Basic Tamil
10 07.01.2015 to 09.01.2015 Seminar National (CICT, Chennai) Ettuthokaiyil Eyarkkai Valam
11 15.07.2015 &16.07.2015 Seminar National (UGC) "Naveena ilakkiyangalil sulaliyal pathivukal

Produced M.Phil

S.No Date of Completion Name of the Supervisor Candidate Topic
1 19.12.2014 Dr. Sr. A. Arul Seeli Mrs. V. Jothi Viviliyathil Penkal
2 24.06.2014 Dr. Mrs. M. Kavitha Devi Mrs. R. Kaladevi S. Ramakrishnanin Nimittham
3 19.12.2014 Mr.G.N.Gowri Sankar Abdul Ragumanin Dhivakanam
4 09.01.2016 Dr. Mrs .M. Kavitha Devi S. Sathya Priya Srija-'Vin' Novelkalil Penmai Chittharippu


Produced Ph.D

S.No Date of Completion Name of the Supervisor Candidate Topic
1 06.01.2015 Dr. Mrs. Santha Palanisamy Mrs. P. Kowsalya Vasantha vassal Kavimanra Kavithaikal Oru Aivu
2 20.10.2015 Dr. Sr. A. ArulSeeli Mrs. M.S. Jesintha Grace Kavingar Puviyarasu Kavithaikalil Angatham
3 05.07.2016 Dr. Mrs. P. Maheswari Mr. T. David Thoppin Meerraim Sirukathaikalil Valkkai Thathuvam


Submitted M.Phil

S.No Date of Completion Name of the Supervisor Candidate Topic
1 18.10.2012 Dr. Mrs. Kavitha Devi Mrs. S. Sathiya Priya Srija- ‘Vin’ Novelkalil Penmai Chittharippu


Ongoing M.Phil.

S.No Date of Completion Name of the Supervisor Candidate Topic
1 01.11.2016 Dr. Sr. A. ArulSeeli S. Ananthi Thadam – Matha Ithzhil Ilakkia Pathivukal


Ongoing Ph.D.

S.No Date of Completion Name of the Supervisor Candidate Topic
1 01.01.2011 Dr. Sr. A. ArulSeeli Mrs. N. Karunambiga Thaumanavar Kattum Bhakkthi Neeri
2 31.07.2012 Dr. Mrs. P. Maheswari Mr. T. David Thoppin Meerraim Sirukathaikalil Valkkai Thathuvam
3 01.01.2011 Dr. Mrs.M.Kavitha Devi Mrs. R. Navaneetham Gnanasambhanthar Patalkalil Bakthi Anubhavam
4 01.10.2011 Mr. M. Ramesh Thevara Padalkalil Iyarkkai Punaivu
5 01.10.2011 Mrs. A. Umarani Kulasekara Azhalvar Pasurankalil Bakthineri
6 28.01.2013 Mr.G.Karuppanan S. Ramakrishnanin Urainadai Vakaikal


Research Projects Year Name of Staff Level Amount
1 2011 Dr. Sr. A. Arul Seeli Minor Rs. 58,000/-
2 2014 Dr. Mrs. P. Maheswari Minor Rs.1,50,000/-