Department of Tamil


  • To appreciate the cherish the rich heritage of Tamil Culture and tradition
  • Improve the standard of the language
  • Better understanding of the moral values, which are taught in most of the Tamil epics.
  • Providing more opportunities to improve the talents and creativity by conducting various competitions like oratorical, Essay writing and poem composing.
  • The department conducted a series of co – curricular and extra activities that gave the students an opportunity to express their talents.
  • The students are encouraged through group discussions, quiz and presenting important essays of prescribed texts – Novel, prose, drama & Short Stories in the seminars conducted in the classes.
  • To serve for the betterment of the society.


  • Motivate the students to write poem relevant to the Modern Literature
  • Improve the self – Confidence of students
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Teach about the importance of the National Integrity.
  • Communal values are introduced
  • Develop the personality of the students.
  • Developing the communication skills
  • Helping the students to become a reporter and also good speakers.
  • Teach the students "The Art of Living".
  • To develop self-confidence in women, to face the society and to empower women in all aspects.

About the Department

  • The department takes prides in conducting various extra – curricular activities under the banner of Tamil Association.
  • The Department has been honored with the title of "Tamil Valar Tendral" by Thiruvalluvar Manava Sangam, Chennai.
  • The Department encourages and patronizes all kinds of indigenous forms of art, dramatics, music, oration and creative writing.
  • The Department arranges many seminars, workshops, symposium, certificate course, Intercollegiate competition & guest Lectures.


  • M.Phil & Ph.D Research courses offered for Men & Women, Full time & Part time - 2016 onwards
  • Faculty members have received two Minor projects.
  • Department Publication : Iyalpu, Urainadai Thokuppu, Ilakkiyam + Kalai = Valviyal
  • Department of Tamil has formed a Literary Association group "Vaasi Athai Neesi" during the Academics year 2016 onwards, to teach the students about art of Book Reading through guest lecturers on every Wednesday of the month.
  • Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli & Dr. Sr. B. Regina attended International Conference in Singapore.
  • Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli was External examiner in Ph.D viva voce.
  • National Seminars & Workshops are also organized in collaboration with other Institutes.
  • Our Department published a book called Urainadai Thoguppu in which our staff members wrote articles. That book was used as syllabus for I year students in Periyar University, Selam for the Academic year 2011 – 2014.
  • Faculty members & Department Published twenty Books.
  • Faculty published National & International Journals - Fourteen Articles.
  • Faculty attended one seventy five papers in National & International Seminars.
  • Staff member of Dept. of Languages (S.F.), Madras Christian College visited our Department to have an idea about "Planning and Development".
  • Many Faculty members have received Awards & published Books.
  • Our Staff members play an important role in designing Curriculum for other colleges as "Board of Studies" members.
  • Dr.Sr.A.Arul Seeli, H.O.D., Dept. of Tamil was invited to Dharmaurathi Rao Bahadur Calava Cunnan Chetty's Hindu College, Chennai as IQAC Academic Audit Member & NGM College of Arts & Science, Pollachi as Board Audit Member.
  • Staff members are invited in Doctoral Committee meetings as University Representatives.
  • In various colleges our Staff member has served as Chair Persons.
  • The Department Publishing the Department magazine "Nirmala Nanthavanam"
  • Intercollegiate Competitions organized in collaboration with other Institutes.
  • Students participate in various Intercollegiate Competitions.
  • Students participate in various Television & Radio Programmes.


  • To introduce under graduate course.
  • Planning to organize International seminars.
  • Intercollegiate paper presentation (one-day)
  • To Introduce Library hours ( for criticism about films & books)
  • One day state level symposium (Students)
  • To introduce the one day workshop for M.Phil., Ph.D Scholars.
  • T o give coaching for improving writing Skills & speaking skills
  • To form a Readers Club like Vaasi Nesi for active students.
  • Planning industrial visit.


  • By giving well training in the art of speaking, essays music, drama and oratorical.
  • Translation
  • Students’ Paper presentations.
  • Intercollegiate Competitions - District & State level.
  • Arranging Workshops - State & National level.


Conference/Seminar/workshop organized by the Department

S.No.TitleTypeSponsored byDateNational / International
1 Tamil Ilakkiyankalil Manitha Urimaikal Seminar Autonomy Fund 10.03.2006 State
2 Research Methodology Symposium UGC 12.01.2009 National
3 Art of Speech Workshop Autonomy Fund 13.03.2009 State
4 Creative Art Workshop Autonomy Fund 28.08.2009 State
5 Teaching & Learning Through Multimedia Workshop CIIL, Mysore 27.09.2010 National
6 Sangakala Magalirin Valviyal Marabukal Seminar CICT, Chennai 06.01.2011 to 08.01.2011 National
7 Drama Workshop Autonomy Fund 19.02.2013 State
8 Pathinen Kilkanakku Noolkalil Sulaliyal Vilippunarvu Seminar CICT, Chennai 07.01.2014 to 09.01.2014 National
9 A Workshop For Effective Teaching In Basic Tamil Workshop CIIL, Mysore 27.02.2014 to 01.03.2014 National
10 Ettuthokaiyil Eyarkkai Valam Seminar CICT, Chennai 07.01.2015 to 09.01.2015 National
11 "Naveena ilakkiyangalil sulaliyal pathivukal Seminar UGC 15.07.2015 &16.07.2015 National
12 Oratorical Workshop Autonomy Fund 17.02.2017 State
13 Kongu vatara Naveena Ilakia Padaipukal Symposium Sahitya Academy 26.09.2017 National
14 Soluga Sollai Workshop Autonomy Fund 28.11.2017 State


Papers presented in conference/Seminar

S.No. Date Name of the Presenter Designation (Student/ Staff) Title of the paper Organized by Title of the conference/Seminar/Workshop National/International
1 26.07.2017 Dr.Sr.B. Regina Asst. Prof. Udakathil inayathin Nokum Panpum Thavathiru Santhalinga adikalar Arts, Science & Tamil College, Perur Conference International
2 26.07.2017 Dr.Mrs.P.Maheswari Asst. Prof. Kanipori vali tamilaivu Thavathiru Santhalinga adikalar Arts, Science & Tamil College, Perur Conference International
3 26.07.2017 Dr.Mrs.S.Ramathilagam Asst. Prof. Elakanamum Mozialum Thavathiru Santhalinga adikalar Arts, Science & Tamil College, Perur Conference International
4 26.07.2017 Dr.M.Kavitha Devi Asst. Prof. Sanka Ilakiya Aga kotpadukal Thavathiru Santhalinga adikalar Arts, Science & Tamil College, Perur Conference International
5 26.07.2017 Ms.A.Helen Rita Asst. Prof. Tamilarum Iyarkayum Thavathiru Santhalinga adikalar Arts, Science & Tamil College, Perur Conference International
6 11.08.2017 & 12.08.2017 Dr.Sr.A.Arulseeli Asso. Prof Sanka ilakiyathil Neer Melanmai Kongunadu Arts& Science College, Coimbatore Conference National
7 11.08.2017 & 12.08.2017 Dr.Sr.B. Regina Asst. Prof. Narrinai unarthum tholiyin melanmay Kongunadu Arts& Science College, Coimbatore Conference National
8 11.08.2017 & 12.08.2017 Dr.Mrs.P,Maheswari Asst. Prof. Kurunthokail Tholin Nirvakam Kongunadu Arts& Science College, Coimbatore Conference National
9 11.08.2017 & 12.08.2017 Dr.MrsS.Ramathilagam Asst. Prof. Sanka Ilakiyathil Arasu Nirvagam Kongunadu Arts& Science College, Coimbatore Conference National
10 11.08.2017 & 12.08.2017 Dr.M.Kavitha Devi Asst. Prof. Narrinai samukathin Niruvaga Melanmay Kongunadu Arts& Science College, Coimbatore Conference National
11 27.12.2017 to 29.12.2017 Dr.Sr.A.Arulseeli Asso. Prof Kalvu Valkaiyil Thalaivanin Pooai Mozhi Rani Anna Govt. Women College, Thirunelveli. Conference International


Projects Received

S.No.Name of the PITitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmountApproval No.
01Dr.Sr.A.ArulseeliThirukkuralum SubashithamumUGC -SERO HYDERABADRs. 95,000/-F.MRP-6869/16 (SERO /UGC)
02Dr.Sr.B.ReginaEttuthogai Noolgalil Iyarkaium Sutrusoolal Paadukaapum VilipunarvumUGC -SERO HYDERABADRs.1,35,000/-F.MRP-6866/16 (SERO /UGC)
03Dr. P.MaheswariNattupura Kathai Padalgalil (Balled) Palamoliim Alumayum Samuga VellipadumUGC - SERO HYDERABADRs.1,50,000/-F.MRP-5612/15 (MRP/ UGC - SERO)


Ph.D Produced

S.No.Name of the SupervisorGuideship No.Name of the StudentTitle of the ThesisYearStatus
01Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli9882/A2/2008Mrs. M.S. Jesintha GraceKavingar Puviyarasu Kavithaikalil Angatham20.10.2015Produced
02Dr. P. Maheswari1531/A2/2011Mr. T. DavidThoppin Meerraim Sirukathaikalil Valkkai Thathuvam05.07.2016Produced


Ph.D Ongoing

S.No.Name of the SupervisorGuideship No.Name of the StudentTitle of the ThesisYearStatus
01Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli9882/A2/ 2008Mrs. N. KarunambigaThaumanavar Kattum Bhakkthi Neeri01.01.2011Ongoing
02Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli9882/A2/ 2008Mrs.S. AnanthiThadam – Matha Ithzhil Ilakkia Pathivukal01.11.2016Ongoing
03Dr.Sr.B.Regina004537/A2/2016Mrs.Ebzibha .J Kaviyam29.11.2017Ongoing
04Dr.S.Ramathilagam22495/A2/2016Sr. Vinnarasi .A Kappiyam29.11.2017Ongoing
05Dr.P.Maheswari1531/A2/ 2011Mrs. Ida Joy Folklore22.07.2017Ongoing
06Dr. Mrs.M.Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010Mrs. R. NavaneethamGnanasambhanthar Patalkalil Bakthi Anubhavam01.01.2011Ongoing
07Dr. Mrs.M.Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010Mrs. A. UmaraniKulasekara Azhalvar Pasurankalil Bakthineri01.10.2011Ongoing
08Dr. Mrs.M.Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010Mr.G.KaruppananS. Ramakrishnanin Urainadai Vakaikal28.01.2013Ongoing


M.Phil Produced

S.No.Name of the SupervisorGuideship No.Name of the StudentTitle of the ThesisYearStatus
01Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli9882/A2/2008Mrs. V. JothiViviliyathil Penkal19.12.2014Produced
02Dr. Mrs. M. Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010Mrs. R. KaladeviS. Ramakrishnanin Nimittham24.06.2014Produced
03Dr. Mrs. M. Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010Mr.G.N.Gowri SankarAbdul Ragumanin Dhivakanam19.12.2014Produced
04Dr. Mrs. M. Kavitha Devi20368/A2/2010S. Sathya PriyaSrija-'Vin' Novelkalil Penmai Chittharippu09.01.2016Produced


M.Phil Ongoing

S.No.Name of the SupervisorGuideship No.Name of the StudentTitle of the ThesisYearStatus
01Dr.P.Maheswari1531/A2/2011Mrs. Rathipriya S.JNovel15.11.2017Ongoing


Field Trip

S.No.Places VisitedThemeDateNo. of studentsNo. of staff members
01Codisiya, CoimbatoreBook Exhibition29.07.20171808