Major and Minor Projects

Name of the Faculty
Minor/Major Project
Funding agency
Tamil Dr. Sr. A. Arulseeli Minor Project UGC
Dr. P. Maheswari On-going Minor Project UGC
English Dr. Sheba Frederic Minor Project UGC
Economics Dr.G.A.Rekha Pai Minor Project Malcolm and Elizabeth Educational Trust, Chennai
Mathematics s Dr. Sr. I. Arockia Rani Two Minor Project UGC
Commerce Dr.R.Kavitha On-going Minor Project UGC
Geography Dr. Sr. S.Dona Grace Jeyaseely Two Minor Project TNSCST
Chemistry Dr. P. Kalaivani Start-up Research Grant (Young Scientists) DST-SERB
Mrs. K. Anbarasi On-going Minor Project UGC-SERO
Zoology Dr. G. Chitra One Student Project UGC
Botany Dr. S. Padmavathy On-going Minor Project
Two Major Projects
Dr. R. Mary Josephine One Minor Project
On-going Major project
One Student Project
Mrs. Caroline Joe Rosario On-going Minor Project UGC
Dr. W. Suganya On-going Minor Project UGC
  Dr. U. Dhanya On-going Minor Project UGC
Dr. P. Prathyusha On-going Minor Project UGC
Dr. T. Saradha On-going Minor Project UGC


On - Going Research Projects
Funding Agency
Name of the funding Agency/Industry
Total grant received in Rs.
A. College - - - - -
B. Other agencies National - - - -
Minor Projects 2014 8 Minor UGC 20,00,000
1 Major UGC 12,48,300
Major Projects 1 DST-SERB 24,26,000
C. Industry sponsored - - - - -
Total 56,74,300


Minor / Major Project
Name of the Faculty
Project Title
Amount Sanctioned
Funding Agency
1 Dr.R. Mary Josephine Cultivation of edible mushroom (Oyster and milky)by utilizing various categories of refuse and its utilization for zero waste management and analysis of biochemical composition and nutritive values. (Ongoing) 12,48,300/- UGC
2 Mrs. Carolin Joe Rosario Phytochemical Screening of Anticancerous Medicinal plants and Molecular docking studies in Coimbatore, South India (Ongoing) 1,85,000/- UGC
3 Dr. U. Danya In vitro conservation, phytochemical characterization, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-diabetic of an endemic medicinal plant Caralluma sarkariae R. Br. From Southern Western Ghats(Ongoing) 3,15,000/- UGC
4 Dr. M. Saradha Biotechnological approaches for mass multiplication, germplasm storage and reintroduction of Ulteria salicifolia Bedd. Ex. Hook.F- An endemic and critically endangered ethnomedicinal plant of westernghats(Ongoing) 4,80,000/- UGC
5 Dr.P.Prathyusha Studies on phytochemical profile, efficacy of free radical scavenging and antitumour activity of Alangium salvifolium (I.F) Wangerin (Alangiaceae) (Ongoing) 3,00,000/- UGC
6 Sr. Arul Sheeba Rani Comparative beneficial role of selected individual tree canopy in urban greening with special reference to urban soil 1,80,000/- UGC


M.Phil Produced by the faculty
Name of the Candidate
Name of the Supervisor
Viva Date
1 Sagayaraj.C Dr.R.Mary Josephine Comparative, morphological, anatomical, biochemical and nutritive studies from the selected fern samples. 01.03.2017
2 Deepna Jyanandhan Dr.R.Mary Josephine A study on Lichen biodiversity and its biochemical and nutritive values fromValparai, Ooty, Coonoor, Singampatti and Munnar 01.03.2017
3 Krishaprriya. K Dr.R.Mary Josephine A comparative biochemical and nutritive analysis of the selected wild leaves. 01.03.2017
4 Rini. B Dr.R.Mary Josephine A comparative biochemical and nutritive values of refuse of the selected seeds from the selected fruits. 01.03.2017


Ph.D Produced by the Faculty
1 28.02.2017 B.Malarselvi Phytochemical investigation and pharmacological activities of Schefflera racemosa (Wight) Harms (Araliaceae) – An endemic mecinal plant of the Western Ghats, Southern India. Dr.S.Padmavathy Completed
2 31.09.2016 Mrs. J. Carolin Joe Rosario Experimental analysis of the selected edible Macrophytic Algae for the unearthing potential, biochemical, nutritive, phytochemical, anticancerous and molecular docking studies. Dr. R. Mary Josephine Submitted
3 24.10.2016 Sr. Arul Sheeba Rani A study on selected individual tree canopy in urban greening with reference to Urban soil. Dr. R. Mary Josephine Submitted



1.Department of Botany has received Nature conservation society –Eco award 2016-2017 28.2.2017 from Hariharan Coimbatore district collector received by Dr.Mary Josephine .

2.Dr.Mary Josephine has received best scientist award on 08.09.2017&09.09.2017 Two days International conference on topic ‘Biodiversity,climate changes environmental sciences ‘organized by IMRF –Vijayawada.