Department of Geography

Geography is a synthesizing discipline that straddles both physical and social sciences. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject equips students to pursue a variety of specializations. The broad based knowledge that this subject imparts, instills confidence in an individual and helps one face competitive examinations.

Nirmala College has the distinction of being the only private college in Tamilnadu offering a B.Sc. degree in Geography. The subject was introduced at the intermediate level in 1956 and as a degree course in 1976. The Department of Geography is well recognized for its excellent facilities. The Department has a spacious laboratory and is well equipped with drawing instruments, surveying equipments, thematic maps, topographical maps, aerial photographs, satellite data products, weather maps, computers with printers and a scanner, National Geographic CDs, GIS software, GPS, LCDs.

A PG Programme was introduced in the year 2011 and the Department was recognized as a Research Department in 2012. It now offers full time and part M.Phil and Ph.D programmes.


  • To impart knowledge and an understanding of planet earth and its peoples
  • To create lasting awareness and build a learning community that goes beyond the curriculum
  • To nurture in students a sense of respect for others and their surroundings
  • To foster links with schools and other departments

The course syllabus covers the fundamental concepts of physical and human geography along with the basics of computers and technology-enabled fields like Remote Sensing and GIS. Under the autonomous syllabus, papers like Information and Communication Technology in Geography, Basics of Remote Sensing, Basics of Geographic Information System have been introduced.

Skill based papers that have been introduced include General Geography, Geography and the Great Travellers and Geography through Maps and a project on Teaching Geography. Geoinformatics is offered as a skill-based subject to students of other departments. A paper on Natural Hazards and Disasters is offered as an inter-disciplinary elective to students from other departments.
The syllabus of the papers is constantly revised with a view of making it relevant and interesting.

Besides the routine classes, the Department organizes a range of activities that help to achieve the objective of creating an awareness and building a learning community that goes beyond the curriculum.
Keeping in mind the pivotal role of Geography in raising awareness about issues affecting our planet earth, the department organizes Guest Lectures, Seminars, Symposia, and Workshops in collaboration with several local organizations like Siruthuli, P.W.D, to enhance the knowledge of students and teachers. The highlight of the last few academic year were 1. A symposium titled "The Green Revolution – its Aftermath" that saw key speakers like Dr. Nammalvar, the guru of organic farming in Tamilnadu and Ms. Kavitha Kuruganti, National Convener of the Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture, address the gathering. 2. A workshop on " Indian Remote Sensing Satellites" 3. The launch of GeoVidhya Geography centre in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Geographical Studies, Bengaluru and workshops in connection with it for school teachers. 4. Conduct of a Geo Quiz for High school students of Coimbatore.

 Indian organic farming scientist Nirmala College Coimbatore Visit

Dr. Nammalvar

Field Trips form an important part of the learning component in Geography. To sensitize students to the various environmental issues, field trips and study tours are arranged for every class. This includes treks in the local forests, visits to waste and water treatment plants, Organic / Biodynamic farms.




Scholarships instituted by the Department :
The staff and students of the Department have instituted a Department Silver Jubilee Scholarship besides the Anusuya Memorial Scholarship and the Alijar memorial scholarship instituted by old students. The Department also constantly supports needy students. In 2012 K.T. Chariar Memorial Prize was added.

Other Facilities:
The Department has a well-equipped laboratory with sufficient equipments, computers and other materials. It also has an excellent library with large number of reference books for UG and PG students.

Best Practice of the Department:
(i) Field trips have formed an important component of the learning process of the students of the Department. These trips sensitize them to various local issues and encourage them to be proactive.
(ii) In keeping with one of the objectives of the Department of nurturing in students a respect for others and their surroundings, the students are actively involved in ensuring that plastic carry bags are not used in the college canteen. Over the past few years, the students have made and supplied the canteen with more than seventy five thousand newspaper carry bags.

Job Opportunities:
The alumnae of the Department are employed as teachers in schools, as planners in Town and Country Planning Department, lecturers in University, Project Assistants in the National Remote Sensing Agency and at Dr.M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, as GIS Analysts in large private firms and in IT enabled services.

Diamond Jubilee Year of the Department of Geography at Nirmala College for women, Coimbatore.

  • Nithya Subhashini.U of III.B.Sc Geography won the first prize in the state level Young Geographer Talent Test conducted by Indian Geographical Society, Chennai.
  • Department of Geography was conferred the Nature Conservation Society Eco Award 2016-17 for the eco friendly news paper carry bags made by the students of the department.


  • ESTHER KUMAR - Town planner, CMDA, Chennai.
  • SUDHA SUBRAHMANIAM - Digital Cartohraphic network Editor, New Jersey, USA
  • Dr. P.N. RAJNA - Senior program officre, USAID, New Delhi
  • Dr. DHANABHAGYAM - Associate Professor, Gandhigram rural University
  • Dr. Priya Narayanan - Assistant Professor, Gulbarga University
  • VASUKI - GIS TEAM lead – Yahoo, California