DBT star College Status - Star College Status for strengthening of Life Sciences, DBT, Government of India

  • Accorded “Star status” to the Departments of Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
  • Additional departments included under star college scheme – Mathematics, Computer Science and Geography.
  • Advisory Committee meeting in June 2017, Chair Person – Dr.Suman Govil , Senior Advisor, DBT, Government of India.

Departments supported under the DBT star College Status:
Botany, Chemistry and Zoology


Additional Departments Included Under Star Scheme During 2016 - 2017

  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Computer Science


  • To enhance the laboratory resources for individualized and technology oriented practicals
  • To provide Hands on training/Workshops/seminars in relevant fields without monetary burden on the students
  • To expose students to on site practical experience in industries
  • To inculcate research experience through group projects

Equipments purchased during the support period
Department List of Equipments
Zoology Monocular Microscopes, Medical Microscopes, Laminar Air Flow chamber, Microwave, Electronic Top Loading Balance, Micropipettes, Vertical and Horizontal Electrophoresis kits, LCD Projector, Laptop, Soxhlet apparatus, Centrifuge.
Chemistry Heating mantles, Vis- Spectrophotometer Microprocessor , Digital potentiometer Dessicator Plastic, Double distillation unit, Hot plate , High accuracy Electronic Balance, Apc 3kva Offline Ups, Computer, Printer , Stop clock, Silver electrode, Retort ring, Digital Conductivity meter, Melting Point Apparatus , Electric Bunsen, Digital Colorimeter, Electrical Centrifuge
Botany Medical Microscopes, Submarine Electrophoresis kits, Centrifuge, Incubator with digital Temperature, Mini Semi dry blotting, Electronic top loading balance, Microcentrifuge, TLC kit, Colorimeter, Dry Bath, ELISA Reader, Hot Air Oven, Chromatography PL with Borostop, Microcontroller based Colorimeter, Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Vertical Autoclave, Ultrasonic cleaner, Oxygen Analyser

New Practicals Introduced
Department Class New Practicals
Zoology I year (i) Demonstration of silk reeling
(ii) Observation of slides through Ultrascope.
II year Spectrophotometric estimation of Total hardness, iron and Calcium in water and Calcium and chloride in soil samples.
III year (i) Isolation of Genomic and Plasmid DNA
(ii) Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
(iii) Separation of protein-SDS PAGE
(iv) Isolation and Estimation of DNA/RNA from animal tissues
(v) Demonstration of Blotting techniques
Chemistry I year Estimation of Chloride
II year Water analysis – Estimation of chloride, dissolved carbondioxide, temporary and permanent hardness, soil analysis – determination of salinity, calcium and magnesium, paper chromatography, column and TLC.
III year Polarimetry, Colorimetry
Botany I year

(i) Demonstration on Water quality test using water sample collected from various ponds in and around Coimbatore District.
(ii) Demonstration on Algal culture.

II year (i) Demonstration on DNA Isolation, Mitochondria and chloroplast isolation
III year (i) Demonstration of HPLC, protein separation using  Electrophoretic techniques, Blotting techniques & PCR
ii)Demonstration on milky and Oyster mushroom production

Activities of the departments
Department Activities Topics / Place of visit
Zoology Industrial visit Kamatchipuram Silk reeling Unit & District Sericulture Unit, Coimbatore
Industrial visit Karunya University-Departments of Biotechnology & Food processing and technology
Field Trip  Aqua culture Unit, Aaliyar Dam, Pollachi
Workshop Environmental Biology, Seeds Enviro Labs, Coimbatore
Workshop Animal Biotechnology, Centre for Bioscience and Nanoscience Research, Coimbatore
Eco trip Eco trip to Mudumalai sanctuary, Ooty & Coonoor
Wildlife week Wild life week celebrations – Inter department competitions
Guest lecture Biodiversity and conservation
Winter school training Hands on training in Molecular Biology
Winter school training Hands on training in Blotting techniques and PCR, CBNR Coimbatore
Chemistry Workshop Drug designing and cheminformatics by Gensilico Biosolutions
Industrial visit Pioneer Fertilizer Ltd
Industrial visit Malabar Cements, Walayar
Guest lecture Basics of Cheminformatics
Guest lecture Graph theory
Hands on training Screen Printing and Detergent making
Botany Hands on training Herbarium techniques and Key Preparation
Workshop Phyto and Molecular Techniques
Student Paper presentation PSG College for Arts and Science, Coimbatore and SRM University, Chennai
Hands on training Plant Tissue Culture
Guest lecture Plant Tissue Culture
Winter school training Instrumental techniques in Biotechnology, CBNR Coimbatore
Guest lecture Bionanoscience
Industrial visit Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Industrial visit Botanical Garden, Tea Factory, Mushroom Farm, Horticulture Dept,Ooty
Industrial visit Tropical Gene Pool Garden, Nadugani, Gudalore
Training programme Carrier development Training Programme for self employment in Biosciences

Qualitative Improvements due to DBT support

  • Introduction of group projects have inculcated scientific temperament among students.
  • Greater access to industrial visits, summer training, workshops without financial constraints on the part of students.
  • A greater transformation in the last two years from an abstract theory to hands on experience in Labs.
  • The department has experienced 15 to 20% increase in admission of UG, PG and Research.
  • There is an overwhelming increase in infrastructural resources (Equipments, Instruments and chemicals) permitting individualized practicals and Group projects.

Additional Department Included Under DBT Scheme During 2016 - 2017


Workshop in Animal Biotechnology Ecotrip to Mudumalai Sanctuary, Ootacamund Hands on training in Blotting techniques


Industrial visit to Coimbatore Pioneer Industrial visit to Malabar Cements, Palakkad Fertilizer Ltd


Workshop on Phytomolecular techniques Visit to the Gene Pool Garden, Ooty Bioenterpreneurship programme