Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

When all is well, man is well but when things turn ill, he needs GOD to fulfill the vacuum of his heart. Committed towards holistic education, Nirmala imparts a firm and deep belief in GOD to all its entrants. A witness to this belief, stands our Chapel, tall and alluring, inviting the happy and the sad, rich and poor, healthy and sick, good and bad to seek solace and refuge under GOD's loving arms.

A temple of prayer for the Nirmalites, the Chapel comforts all those who enter. Holy Mass is conducted every morning and on First Friday of every month at 12.00 noon for the day scholars. The Way of the Cross is conducted every Fridays during the Lenten Season. The Chapel makes the students realize that it is through His Blessings, Guidance and Grace that we succeed in life.