Department of Bioinformatics

The Department of Bioinformatics was established in the academic year 2012 - 2013 as an Innovative Programme sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. The Department offers M.Sc., in Bioinformatics at a nominal fees of Rs. 4,000.00 per semester.

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field, which includes Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Information Technology. Bioinformatics includes Genomics, Computational Biology, Proteomics, Systems Biology, Drug Design, Pharmacogenomics, Structural and Functional Genomics. The Department of Bioinformatics at our College strives to develop Bioinformatics skills among the students, to equip them to compete in the global Bioinformatics market. The curriculum is designed to encompass latest advancements and updates in the field.

To bring out value based Bioinformatics fraternity.


  • To train the students in Bioinformatics skills.
  • To update the students with the latest innovations in the field.
  • To provide 100% placement for the students in their areas of choice.
  • To secure 100% result by providing extra coaching to slow learners.

The Department has laboratories for wet lab practical and computational Biology separately. There are also separate labs for Proteomics, Genomics, Tissue Culture and Microbiology. All the instruments required for the course are available in the Department whose details are listed below :

Wet Lab Instruments

Instruments at our lab Quantity
Gene Sequencing Unit 1
Two Bed Deioniser 1
Lyophilizer 1

Computational Biology Lab

Instruments at our lab Quantity
IBM Server 1
Wipro Computers 11

The teachers adopt innovative teaching strategies such as power point presentations, animations with the aid of LCD Projector to teach complex topics in a simple manner.

The faculty association of the Department of Bioinformatics has actively involved in conducting various Guest Lectures and Seminars for the benefit of the students. As a regular activity, the association conducts quiz, discussion of latest innovations in Science and presentation of research papers.

The successful candidates of Bioinformatics can seek placement opportunities in one of the following Industry / Research Institutes.

Strand Genomics Ocimum BioSolutions Aventis Accelyrs
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. Informatics Biocon PharmaDM
Lion Bioscience Genomatix Celera Genomics Merck
Novartis Astra Zeneca Avestha Gengraine IISc, Bangalore
NCBS, Bangalore CCMB, Hyderabad CDFD, Hyderabad. IIIT, Hyderabad.
IIT, Delhi Madras University Madurai Kamaraj University IBAB, Bangalore
IGIB, Delhi TIFR, Bombay Biobase, Bangalore Astrazenaca
Avesthagen, Bangalore Cell Lines, Bangalore TCS, Hyderabad CDRI, Lucknow
Lacoons, Hyderabad CDAC, Pune IICT, Hyderabad IIT , Mumbai
IIT, Chennai Bharathidasan University, Trichy Madras University Anna University
NEERI, Nagpur NCL, Pune NARI, Pune NCCS, Pune
NIV, Pune ICRISAT, Hyderabad IMTECH, Chandigarh ICGEB, Delhi
JNU, Delhi JNCASR, Bangalore WII, Dehradun MONSANTO, Bangalore
NBRC, Haryana NII, Delhi IISER, Pune BII, Noida
RGCB, Trivandrum CMFRI, Cochin NIO, Goa NIMHANS, Bangalore