Alumni Association

A Glance

The Alumni Association of Nirmala College for Women promotes long-standing relationship between the alumni and the College. Its vision is to facilitate communication between the Alumni and their Alma Mater by providing institutional memory, by participating in meetings and social occasions and by offering valuable suggestions. The Association also helps members be in touch with each other through annual gatherings.

In an effort to stay connected with such a large group of alumni, the Association has undertaken several different outreach efforts. Online Registration is a great resource for personal and professional networking. Enrolling in the Alumni Association is just a click away – for a sign up in Facebook.

The institution has an active Alumni Association. Its various activities include:

  • Institution of OSA Scholarship for meritorious and needy students.
  • Raising Alumni fund.
  • Felicitating retiring staff.
  • Curriculum development as Board of Studies members.
  • Donating books.
  • Offering financial support.
  • Offering employment and career counselling to students.
  • Involvement in all activities of the College.

Alumni Association